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Chellaberry Wellness

Massage Therapy.  Applied Kinesiology.  Body Talk

Rachelle Evitt

Rachelle Evitt is a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Body Talk/Applied Kinesiology Practitioner. Rachelle is also extensively trained in Health Coaching, Fitness, Touch for Health, and CARE Center Aromatherapy.  

Researching natural health care and holistic nutrition over many years, Rachelle has used her knowledge and determination to overcome the extreme discomfort of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue that she endured for over 30 years. Experimenting with changing diet and lifestyle, along with utilizing supplements and modern health inventions such as Far-Inrared and the Bemer, Rachelle was able to find hope and restoration for these debilitating issues that pervasively plagued her body,. In addition, Rachelle has raised five beautiful children to adulthood, two who have dealt with chronic lung issues. Finding effective natural therapies to help these children live well became a large part of Rachelle's life. She now in turn, uses her education, understanding, and intuitive sense to guide her in working with clients in Massage Therapy and Energy Balancing modalities.

2014--Holistic Health Coaching Certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

2015--Fitness Trainer Certification through NETA.

2017--Energy Applied Kinesiology Certification through the Kinesiology Institute with John Maguire. 

2017--Lifestyle Wellness Coach Certification through NETA 

2017--YOGA Certification through NETA

2018--CARE Center Aromatherapy Certification

2019--Body Talk Certifcation through International Body Talk Association

2019--Licensed as a Massage Therapist in the State of North Dakota.

Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing Sessions in Body Talk/Applied Kinesiology apply unique, time-proven methods that improve the body's innate ability to heal and repair. Based on the medically proven idea that discomfort and dis-ease are caused by past or current stress in the body, mind, or spirit, Energy Balancing identifies these stressors and uses a light tapping technique, among other natural corrective modalities, to assist in restoring the communication in systems, allowing the body to heal and repair.

Conditions that often improve with Energy Balancing are: Discomfort, Fatigue, Headaches, Back issues, Muscle Imbalances, Food and Airborne Allergic Reactions, Biochemical Invaders, Insomnia, Phobias & Emotional Disturbances, Stress, Anxiety, Abuse Related Trauma, and Traumatic Physical Injuries.


Rachelle Evitt 



Address: 612 4th St East

Directions: One block East of University Ave and one block off of West Broadway as you are going toward Scenic Sports from the downtown Post Office. We are in the Northwest Professional Building across the Street from the Teacher's Parking Lot of McVay School. You can also find the building by turning off University Ave by McVay School and going around the school. There is a flag for Mancuts Barber Shop outside the building. The sign for Chellaberry Wellness is on the side/back entrance door. 

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