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Cryoskin by Chellaberry




Facial Massage

"I received one Cryoskin Slimming Session on my stomach area, and it actually worked! My stomach is flatter and has less of a 'pooch', and this after having 6 babies. I will definitely be having more Cryoskin Slimming sessions!"

RE, Williston, ND

Cryoskin Slimming

This 34 minute treatment is the first of its kind in the United States. The treatment consists of a 3-phase thermal shock that will help to naturally destroy fat cells, so YOU lose inches. Whether you are looking to lose fat on your stomach, love handles, thighs, upper arms, gluteus, bra-line, double chin, or back, this is the solution for YOU.

Results are immediate, but 3-10 sessions are recommended for most improvement.

Cryoskin Toning

If you are looking to improve cellulite, help tighten your skin, or slow down the aging process, this is the treatment for YOU. Cryoskin Toning is designed to significantly reduce cellulite fat pockets and tone skin that has lost its elasticity.

This 28 minute cold therapy treatment will help improve your 

micro-circulation, which results in higher collagen production. Combining the boost of collagen production and the breaking down of cellulite, will promote smooth, dimple free skin.


Cryoskin may cause immediate spike in confidence and sass!"

Cryoskin Simming

Cryoskin Slimming is a safe, noninvasive procedure that contours areas of the body by first warming, then using freezing temperatures to cause fat cells to be permanently destroyed and then eliminated through the lymphatic system. 

3 to 10 Sessions are recommended for best results.

Cryoskin Slimming Trajectory

With a Cryoskin Slimming session, the area will naturally contract from the cold treatment, causing an initial slimming. The more permanent fat loss is seen over the following 14 days, as the fat cells die and the lymphatic system cleans up the cellular debris.

Cryoskin Slimming and Toning

 Cryoskin Slimming causes a natural looking permanent fat cell loss, while Cryoskin Toning causes collagen to quickly be drawn to the fascia under the skin. The Toning process firms the skin, tones the area, and improves the look and feel of unsightly cellulite.

Great Results with Cellulite

Cryoskin Toning is a new method that actually works to improve the appearance of cellulite. As fat cells increase, they push up against the skin, while at the same time tough, long, connective cords pull down, particularly in women. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling, usually referred to as cellulite. Exercise and losing fat deposits can help, but otherwise, little can be done about Cellulite once it is formed. This is the beauty of the incredible results Cryoskin Toning offers! 

Cryoskin Plus Weight Loss

Cryoskin and traditional weight loss work together for even more stellar slimming results. Chellaberry has created a workable weight loss plan that incorporates Health Coaching, High Nutrition, Carb and Keto Cycling, Exercise, and Energy Balancing for even higher level success. Click the button below to check out Chellaberry's Weight Loss Coaching Program.

Cryoskin Toning & Cellulite 

Cryoskin Toning is designed to treat specific areas of your body, with research showing it can slow the aging process in your skin. Combined with increasing Collagen in the diet, consuming healthy food, and initiating regular exercise, most clients notice results immediately, but multiple treatments will offer the best outcome.

Cryoskin and Crylipolysis

Cryolipolysis is the technical term used as the process Cryoskin uses to destroy fat cells directly under the skin's surface, in the subcutaneous fat cells, by freezing within the temperature range of +8 to -8 degrees C, using a moving wand to make sure the skin itself is not harmed. The warm, then cold treatment causes apoptosis, or cell death, of the subcutaneous fat tissues. The destroyed fat cells will drain through the lymphatic system and then flush out through the kidneys, urine, feces, and sweat. Cryoskin's proven biological process is backed by science and research. 

Cryoskin & Permanent Fat Cell Reduction

Fat cells LOVE to fill up with fat. With traditional weight loss, the fat is drained from the fat cells, and this causes the 'fat' on your body to disappear. However, those same fat cells were created to be filled up with fat, so guess what the tendency is? Yes, we gain the weight right back in this area. Cryoskin treatments permanently release fat cells from the area treated; therefore, there are no more fat cells to want to be filled up with fat. Ingenious!

CryoSkin & Toxin Release

Toxins are stored inside of fat cells, along with the fat. Permanently destroying the fat cells also drains the toxins out of the cell and forces the body to deal with the toxins, eliminating them from the body. Both the fat and toxins are eliminated from the body through the urine and feces. Click the button below for higher level recommendations on how to further eliminate toxins from the body in conjunction with your CryoSkin treatments

Cryoskin Facial Massage

CryoSkin Facial Massage uses cool temperatures to widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to increase oxygen supply, boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and improve skin elasticity. Cyoskin Facial Massage is a natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant!

Men Love Cryoskin, Too!

CryoSkin studies show on average, men lose 12% more fat than women, showing up to 45% fat elimination in the treated area! Slim love handles and the stomach, and reveal that hidden six pack!

  • Body Slimming and Toning

  • Tighter Skin

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Side Effects?
  • Increased thirst and urine production is common

  • Localized redness where treated that will fade a few hours after treatment

  • Localized soreness where treated that will fade a few hours after treatment

  • Severe Raynaud's Syndrome

  • Very Poor Circulation

  • Cancer

  • Severe Diabetes

  • Pregnancy

What to Expect with your FREE Initial Cryoskin Consult

  • Best technique to help you reach your goals

  • Plan of care to help you reach your best YOU

  • Number of recommended sessions depending on each target area

  • Nutrition and hydration directions Pre and Post Treatment

  • Free 30 Minute Initial Cryoskin Consult.

Schedule your FREE 30 minute initial Cryoskin Consult today!

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