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Zeal by Zurvita

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Rachelle's Zeal Story

Zeal is a Superfood drink that has changed my life and rocked my world!

In a base of Stabilized Rice Bran, the most nutritious whole food source currently known on the planet, with over 30 other Botanical Super-foods added to it, the nutrition in this amazing Functional Food drink is stellar, and brought my energy levels up to normal and beyond for the first time in my adult life.

This energy producing process happened in less that one month! Now I walk in the 'Miracle of Zeal' daily.

Prior to Zeal, I had extremely low energy, likely a result of multiple life stressors. Getting out of bed was a chore. I literally dragged myself through raising five children, two with higher than average medical needs. I functioned, but no where near optimally. It was embarrassing, actually. My friends knew that if we were putting on an Event, Rachelle could barely stand up to one day of working and walking endlessly before she went into semi-shock and HAD to go lie down. I just could NOT keep up!

Standing was the worst! I could not stand up for very long without that terrible fatigue filling my entire body. SO many times I would be thinking, let me lay down right here in WalMart and everyone can just step right over me and I do NOT care! I am the woman who has gone to the ladies room more than once, locked the door, and laid down on the floor just to rest for a few minutes. I know, germy, but you really do not care when you feel so utterly tired.

It was not just being tired, either, like wanting to sleep. It was a deep, abiding fatigue. Puzzling, it felt like my body simply did not make energy like everyone else's body did.

I constantly managed the energy I did have. I would stand and walk for a bit, cleaning up the house; then sit for awhile, helping my five kids with their homeschooling; then go lay down for awhile. Repeat several times a day. Energy managing was the circle of my life.

Speaking of having five children, I really do not know how I made it through each pregnancy. I was utterly exhausted! Thinking back, it helped that I was SO excited for each baby to come. That mental emotion and energy helped. But, carrying them inside was still a chore while dealing with the underlying fatigue.

I had changed my diet years ago, eating clean, mostly organic foods and drinking purified water on a daily basis, and still do. I do believe going to these lengths helped; yet still the fatigue followed me.

I had used thousands of dollars worth of supplements, experimenting with different products that promised energy and health. Sometimes I would take six packets of a product that others said would take one packet to produce results. Nothing.

Over time, one thing that made a difference was water. I found that if I did not keep my body hydrated, I had no chance whatsoever to have energy.

Finally, after over 25 years of this terrible fatigue, I found a product called Beyond Tangy by Youngevity. Beyond Tangy is a vitamin/mineral supplement drink with a very high anti-oxidant count. I still view it as a really great supplement drink. For the first time in my adult life, my energy was brought up by at least half. I could function better, more normal, and had more stamina.

Then, in the late summer of 2015, I was introduced to Zeal!

I had been sent several samples to try over a week. I mentally worked to keep my mind open and free of skepticism.  There are times, when you have tried SO many supplements, you can get negative and feel that nothing ever works, so why try. I did think MAYBE the Zeal was helping, but hardly dared to hope it would in such a short amount of time. I knew I would have to order the product to give it a good try. So I did, jumping right in.

Really, I tried not to think about how I was feeling during the first couple of weeks of drinking Zeal, attempting to keep my mind neutral. I did NOT want to get my hopes up, only to be disappointed.

By two to three weeks in, I started getting the most AMAZING feeling EVER! Like, OH MY GOODNESS, I just drank THAT and now I feel THIS, and I have never in my entire life felt THIS! Nice, solid, good energy started flowing through my body. THIS must be how everyone else feels ALL the TIME! I could hardly believe it!

Each month, I would wondrously think, "How can I feel any better than I do right now?" but the next month I would look back and know I definitely felt better than I did when I asked myself that question the month before! My build-up in health went on for about 12 months, each month better than the month before until I finally stabilized off at a normal good energy level.

There is always a wonder inside of me about how I feel. I have energy! I can work out! I can stand at a vendor show all day long, expending my energy telling people about Zeal, and feel fine afterwards! I can do Yoga all day for two days straight in a teacher training class and not crash in the evening! It brings tears to my eyes.

Zeal is a precious gift. I share it with everyone I can and have not missed a day in over four years. I cannot think up enough positive adjectives to describe this product. Amazing, Life-giving, Wonderful, Food-From-Heaven---ZEAL FOR LIFE!

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