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Detox for Life

April 13, 2022

The miracle of my feet not hurting with every step (See April 8th Post) never left the back of my mind; but eventually, like many of us humans, I began to procrastinate with Detox Footbaths. Again, I had the mindset for years that I maybe should be AFRAID of doing TOO MUCH detoxing. Oh nooooo, SCARY IonCleanse! Whatever (rolling my eyes).

I found that I could wait six to eight weeks, until I could feel that old heaviness starting to seriously gather in my feet, then do three 30 minute footbaths spaced a few days apart. Voila! All the discomfort gone!

A little voice that sounded something like my mother self warning my inner child niggled in the back of my mind. It said, "You should not be doing it this way, Rachelle. You could feel even better if you at least did one footbath every week".

"Ummm....Yes, I do know, but I am busy right now", and on my way I would go until the discomfort in the bottom of my feet started up again, pushing me to do my usual set of three in a row IonCleanse, then nothing for weeks. 

All this procrastinating came to a screeching halt one day in August of 2021. My entire mindset changed. It was the day I randomly put a gigantic 2.5" magnet to my chest and KUNK, it stuck! What was that?! I played with it for a few minutes to make sure, then went to check in a mirror. Sure enough, that magnet stuck right to the skin of my chest. 

I literally could not believe it! A sense of shock perfused me as the realization that heavy metals had gotten into my system and perfused my chest tissue, or a magnet of that size would never stick. I even found some refigerator magnets and played with them. They stuck, too!

The shock was great, partially because I had just checked for magnability a couple of weeks prior with the same magnet; nothing, it just fell off my chest and into my hand. Something massive had happened to my upper chest tissue within those two weeks, and I knew exactly what had caused this heavy metal invasion (That story is To Be Continued in future Blog Post).

Staying healthy is priority for me, so this personal catacalysmic event galvanized me into beginning what I now call Massive Footbathing. We could also call it Footbathing to Heal. Those metal particles HAD to get out of me immediately!

Massive Footbathing is doing hour long IonCleanse Footbaths one after the other. Fill up the basin with warm water, put your feet in for an hour and get started; then throw the now icky water out, then start the whole process over. Do this until you see a change; then do it some more.

The following eight days, I ended up doing about 15 hour long IonCleanse footbaths, more than I had EVER done, and more than I had heard ANYONE else say they had done. It was definitely a time commitment, but I was on an experimental mission--save my own self from the horror of having metal particles stuck inside of me, and even more so with the importance of the heart and lungs in the area. 

On the 8th day of two to three IonCleanse footbaths per day, it occured to me that I should check to see if anything had changed with the magnet. It was pretty scary to try; I almost did NOT want to know. It was AMAZING to see and feel that magnet fall off in my hand. I checked with the smaller magnets; nothing.

Yay! It worked, bringing with it the questioning wonder that I had likely stumbled across a major healing tool for many other issues in the body.  

Detox Experiences

April 11, 2022

Eventually, I made the decision to purchase my own IonCleanse Pro system. Viewing the purchase looking back, it was worth every cent, and the expense has mitigated out to an extremely worthwhile DEAL of a lifetime. I could even say IonCleanse saved my life--but I am saving that experience for a future Blog Post. 

I do have a good story to share:

Arriving at my job as a coffee barista in the old Live Play Theatre of small town New Rockford, ND, I was greeted with the OVERPOWERING horror (for me) of strong chemicals perfusing the air. Having a keen knowledge of how chemically sensitive I am, and gasping for clean air, I ran outside to take some deep breaths, then ran back in with my coat over my mouth and nose, looking to find the source of the offending chemicals. I found it in the back workroom where the theater carpenter in residence had been staining cupboards with a dark brown stain and NO ventilation system and in the middle of a cold North Dakota winter where no one wants to open the doors and windows. Ugh!

In spite of me mentally repeating to myself 'Mind over Matter; you are fine; nothing will come of this chemical exposure', by the next day the old chronic fatigue was washing over me and my feet were feeling heavy and painful. So much for Mind over Matter (rolling my eyes). l knew there was only one remedy--IonCleanse Detox Footbath.

I was still in the thought process that I should only do a certain amount of cleansing; like, I had this idea I could cleanse TOO MUCH; like I might pull out too many minerals with the toxins or knock my body off balance or some other scary thing.

So, I did a half hour IonCleanse with only the tiniest bit of relief. I waited a couple of days, and still dragging myself around, then did another half hour IonCleanse with the same result.

Finally, I was in bed about 10pm a few days later and could hardly STAND how bad I felt. I prayed, then felt led to get up, heat the water until nice and warm, and do ONE more half hour IonCleanse Footbath. 

I will NEVER forget what came out in that footbath--piles of dark brown icky looking bubbles, which indicate cleaning of the lymphatic system; and all kinds of other nasty looking awfulness. To me, it looked like the very stain from the cupboards that caused the issue in the first place was right there in the water. Really, I think it was.

But the best was yet to come--when I stepped out of that footbath, I knew a profound change had occurred. First off, there was no pain in my feet; and second, my entire body felt light and relieved of the fatigue. In my mind, it was a miracle sent from God, and my relief and thankfulness were palpable. Some life moments are enduring and priceless.

I remember feeling the profoundness of that footbath for at least three weeks going forward. I felt SO GOOD!

Double Detox

April 9, 2022

While still doing IonCleanse as a client, I had another life changing experience having to do with detoxing two different ways simultaneously.

Experiencing pretty severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome, accompanied by off and on constipation, I had decided to do a three day fasting cleanse of my large intestine with a fiber oriented cleanse kit. Randomly, my monthly IonCleanse Detox footbath session landed on the second or third day of the fasting cleanse.

For a full 50 minutes, my feet were in the footbath while my mind was engrossed in reading a book and not paying attention to what was being pulled out into the water.

When the finishing beep went off for the IonCleanse, the Practitioner came into the room. Both of us looked down at the footbath water simultaneously and were pretty much speechless for a moment, just staring. My feet were entirely engulfed in a quarter inch of pure black particles, like thick black coal, floating on the top of the water. The practitioner was amazed and said she had NEVER seen anything like this blackness pulled out with the IonCleanse.  We both knew my liver had taken a MAJOR toxin dump, likely because of the combined fasting, along with the fiber bowel cleansing, and then with the ionic pull of the IonCleanse.

In the present, we are not always aware of the significance of what is taking place, but looking back, this Detox experience was an incredible turning point in my overall health. Remembering teaches me again and again the significance of Detoxing in general, but also the power of using IonCleanse WITH other detox methods to pull out as much garbage as possible.

​​Intro to Detox Footbath​​​

April 8, 2022

Years ago, serious Plantar Fasciitis, which is inflammation of the fascia (the tissue under the skin that surrounds muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels) in the soles of my feet, disappeared over several sessions (about 8) of detoxing with IonCleanse Detox Footbath by A Major Difference.

This ongoing issue of Plantar Fasciitis in my feet caused me to live a painful existence for over 20 years. I almost always wore Berkenstock sandals, with their wide toes and strong arch support, even in the cold ND winters (with socks and in a dress to boot!) just to keep my feet somewhat comfortable.

When the discomfort was at it's highest, I noticed my entire body would feel exhausted to the max and terrible Chronic Fatigue would set in. This toxic situation lasted from approximately 24 years of age until about 44. Ugh!

Nothing--literally nothing--including multiple pain relief creams, deep rubbing, and constantly trying more and more expensive shoes, helped; until I found the IonCleanse Detox Footbath, that is.

When I started IonCleanse sessions, I had seen how much crazy junk was pulled out in the water in another client's footbath and wanted this for myself. I instinctively KNEW my entire body was toxic. I did not really think of my feet themselves, even though they were the part of me in the water; I had mentally given up that the feet pain issue could EVER be healed. The practitioner had told me that the IonCleanse would pull toxins from my organs down my body to my feet and out into the water; she did not mention that the potential existed for IonCleanse to relieve the abject discomfort in my feet. Besides, it only worked out to do  one IonCleanse Session per month.

Month after month I had my session, not feeling too much of a difference; however, looking at the icky dark brown and black junk that came out of my body and into the water was rather fascinating.

THEN (drumroll) one day my feet came out of the water, I stepped down, and the strangest realization set in--NO pain in the bottom of my feet. The feeling was surreal; profound; too good to be true. What if it did not last?

Actually, by 24 hours later, the discomfort was back. The experience pricked at my mind, though, and I wondered if the chance existed that it would happen again?

Wonder of wonders--it did happen again, only this time the effect lasted for 36 hours! Hope resonated within me!

Each once-a-month session pulled more and more foreign matter out of my body and off of my feet until the effect lasted most of the month.

And even more profoundly, the Chronic Fatigue that had plagued my existence from my late teens, ALL of my 20's and 30's, and into my 40's, was incrementally lessening.

IonCleanse--What an incredible blessing and GIFT!

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