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Hydration Solutions

Purified water has always been foundational to good health. Chellaberry recommends drinking and cooking with the best purified water you can possibly afford. Lessening pollution in the body, which is considered a Body Burden, by filtering out contaminants like chlorine, floride, and lead is a MUST if we are to gain optimal health.

Chellaberry is a strong advocate of Reverse Osmosis water filtering systems. We measured the contaminants in our local water during the spring ice-flow breakup of the river. During this time, the city added more chlorine than normal, and people were complaining of a multitude of issues, including skin breakouts and feeling nauseous. The city water tested at a whopping 300 contamination parts per million on our meter. We then measured the same water from a filtered water pitcher, the same type that can be purchased for a fairly low price at WalMart and the contaminates were at 50 parts per million, still considered high. We then measure the water from our under the counter Reverse Osmosis unit and came up with only 9 parts per million in contamination! Many towns and cities have businesses that sell or rent good RO units. Grocery stores also often offer inexpensive reverse osmosis water at low cost when you bring your own jugs. It may be difficult to tote these heavy 5 gallon jugs, but well worth it if this is your only option for good water.

Other Purification Systems include contaminant filtration systems for hooking up at the water source like Multipure brand or Alkaviva. There are also gravity fed container filter systems like Berkey and Zen, although you will need to allocate kitchen counter space for these systems to be convenient enough to use for drinking and cooking.

Super-liquid GIA I-water

Your cells will love and crave GIA I-water (the I stands for Intelligent) from the first super-hydrating glass! Using single-filed aligned I-water for all your drinking and cooking needs, and for making ice, will make nutrients go in and out of your cells faster and more efficiently. Filter first, then use I-water!

GIA I-H20 Water is a patented system that turns normally chaotic water molecules into smaller, single file aligned water; making I-water 3-4 times more hydrating than regular water. Also called MRET water, the GIA I-water system was developed in Russia by Dr. Igor Smirnov from discoveries stemming from the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Russia in the 1980's.

Dr. Smirnov's invention of the GIA I-H2O System and Electromagnetic Protection devices have been featured on the Truth About Cancer documentary series by Ty Bollinger. Watch Ty's interview with Dr. Smirnov, along with a short animated video presentation of how single-file alignment of the water works in your body here (scroll down to the bottom of the page for several videos). For more info go to:

Bottled Water

Avoid bottled water in grocery and convenience stores when possible. Most bottled water has been shown to be unpurified tap water that is contaminated with BPA's from being bottled in low-quality plastic, with the additional possibility of it being allowed to get hot in the sun, leaching even more chemicals from the plastic into the water.

Figi and Evian are higher quality, more pure and alkaline water bottled in hard surface bottles and are the two recommended brands that are easier to find. Figi water is drawn from vast aquafers below layers of volcanic rock, which alkalynizes it and filters out contaminants. The Figi Islands are considered one of the earth's least contaminated regions. Remember that the harder the plastic, the less likely the water is contaminated with plastic by-products.

On trips, Keep a Bula Bottle on hand. Bula Bottle is a gorgeous, high quality, non BPA bottle that has a cap with a built in filter. This purifying system is re-usable and keeps a LOT of plastic bottles out of the landfills. To order, go to

OR call, text, or email Rachelle at 701-350-0283

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