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Natural Healing Websites is the website of Naturopathic Doctor Amandha Vollmer. Her videos cover a plethora of Universal Natural Healing principles including the use of DMSO, MMS, Covid, Cancer, Detox, Holistic Health Philosophy, Homeopathy, and many others. is the work of Dawn Lester and David Parker and their investigation into the real reasons that people become ill, using an unbiased and logical approach that enabled them to follow the evidence with open minds. is Dr. Andrew Kaufman's video library on holistic healing, his thoughts on Covid and alternative Germ theory. explores alternative Germ theory in depth. by David Icke is an alternative video platform that offers multiple learning opportunities in Holistic Healing and Energy work. One recommended Chellaberry favorite is the Emotion Code Series by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Dr. Nelson shares real client interviews and how he helps pain issues to dissolve by neutralizing emotions. One video in the series goes into teaching different aspects of muscle response testing and how we can gain information from the conscious/subsconcious as to what is really going on in the Body/Mind Complex with this method. Toxic World Toxic People is an important Ickonic series that explores how extremely toxic our world is and what to do personally to lower toxin load, and also how we as a society can work to kick toxins out of our world.

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