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Cell Phone Radiation Sensitivity

Weird! Nausea welled up in the pit of my stomach while handling one of the first cell phones. This thing makes me feel sick!

After examining the phone and playing with it a little, I put the device away from me on the dash of the truck I was waiting in and read my book for awhile. Feeling better, I reached for it again to make a call to one of my kids. Oh, wow! That nausea again! Besides, it made my ear hurt!

It's the cell phone, I thought, curiously examining it before I put it way away from me again. Good thing I do not need one of these things for my work!

Fast forward 20 years later. Can you believe how far we have come? Now I DO need one of THOSE things for my work, and I still feel nausea when I am unprotected.

In the meantime, I have gone through extreme sickness having to do with computers, Wi-Fi, dumb and smart phones, tablets, and related devices. They emit a negative frequency that comes out at my body like a force. This force is SO strong that I can almost play with it. Come close, feel it like a wall of instant sickness and pain. Walk away and the symptoms clear up. Very strange, but real.

Canary in a Coal Mine

Many people believe that Electromagnetic Radiation is not harmful because they cannot FEEL it emitting from their cell phone or computer. You may not have the extreme sensitivity to the negative frequency field like I do, but you can think of people like myself as a Canary in a Coal Mine. We are completely aware that the negative radiation from EMF exposure effects are real, and that we must protect ourselves and our children. For more on this, see the trailer to the movie Zapped here.

The majority of people do not realize that they, too, have EMF sensitivity symptoms.  Attempting to find out why they do not feel so good and why their energy levels are low, we relate symptoms to everything but what is staring us in the face: prolonged use of the devices our society is hooked up to.

Personal Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Nausea--instant or chronic. Pregnancy nausea is an apt description, or 'I feel sick to my stomach'.

Pain or Heat in Ears--cell phone use can cause pain in one or both ears. Typical statements are, 'I have to get off this phone because my ear is hurting' OR 'My ear is hot from being on this phone too long'.

Anxiety and Foggy Thinking--using unprotected devices causes a mental fog to form, like a person cannot think right.  In addition to foggy brain, I would find myself feeling depressed, thinking negative thoughts, and getting teary eyed, like the world is upside down.

Low Stress Tolerance--working around computers and frequent cell phone usage can make my body feel stressed inside and my tolerance level for all outside stressers goes down dramatically.

Weakened Immune System--many times after prolonged EMF exposure, I have found myself sick with a virus or bacterial infection. EMF Radiation exposure weakens the Immune System, consequentially allowing invaders to rise up to conquer the body! Diseases are enabled.

Face Pain--my face hurts with a sharp pins and needles type force from the radiation coming out at my face and body like a force.

Dry Skin--Without protection, this EMF force is drying to my face and hands to the extreme. I find myself reaching for hand and face lotion repeatedly.

Dry Eyes--Before finding GIA Wellness EMF protection, horrible dry eye syndrome used to plague me, especially while working around a computer or cell phone. Dry Eye Syndrome means your eyes are SO dry they make headaches, you cannot read for very long, your eyes are blurry, and you feel driven crazy! You end up putting drops in your eyes over and over and try gels in your eyes at night. Your eyes are so dry, they are irritated and actually wet at times, while still feeling dry! Imagine living like that for years! I did and people do. Are there other factors in dry eye syndrome? Yes, but I personally believe EMF exposure is a large piece of this particular puzzle.When I went through the worst of the Dry Eye problems, my bedroom was above four computers and unprotected Wi-Fi, and none of them were ever turned off. It makes sense that when I got away from all of that concentrated negative energy, the dry eye problem got better.

Blurry Eyesight--my eyes cannot focus well for a period of time after staring at a phone or computer screen for periods of time.

Headaches--for me, headaches are related to the dryness I feel over my body when I am in front of electromagnetic devices. My cells seem to hunker down to protect themselves. Practically speaking, this squeezes water out of the normally hydrated cells. I feel it as a headache and dry skin. In addition, the interference alone of the negative EMF frequency with the normal brain wave frequencies can cause headaches.

Buzzing--buzzing inside my body is one of the weirdest EMF symptoms I have ever had. I experienced this symptom at the height of the worst I ever felt in my body with fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. It worked like this: Go up to a freezer and body starts buzzing. Back away from the freezer about 3 feet and the buzzing stopps. Do it again, just to see. That's crazy, I am buzzing again! Same thing in my bedroom, the one I describe above with the computers and Wi-Fi below: Walk into the room, especially over by my side of the bed (co-incidentally, that is where the Wi-Fi was kept, on a high shelf, a few feet underneath of my feet), and start buzzing. Lay down and keep buzzing. Leave the room and the buzzing instantly stops. Very Strange.

My buzzing problem was improved by specific detoxing. In addition, I talked to a chemically sensitive friend who believed my symptoms were actually the chemicals in my new foam mattress, and consequently inside of me through breathing in the chemicals when I slept. Sure enough, after encasing my mattress in an all organic, tightly woven protective cover, the buzzing symptoms subsided.

Trouble Sleeping--especially when working on devices late at night OR keeping the cell phone in your room at night, particularly next to the bed.

See my article on EMF Radiation Protection here.

Get protected--the best protection I have found to date is the set of Terragia Products from GIA Wellness. I currently have 2 Cell Guards on my phone, keep the Pendant on or under me at all times (I lay it on the sheets and sleep on top of it at night as I do not like anything around my neck when I sleep), have a Home Harmonizer plugged in on each end of my home, have several Universal Guards on electronics around my house, and use the Airtube Headset frequently when I am talking on the cell phone.

RF Safe--I recommend the cell phone case from RF Safe, then add the GIA Cell Guard on top of the case to protect you in your electromagnetic field. The RF Safe cell phone case protects your body on one side of the cell phone, the flap side of the case. You simply make sure the flap side is toward you if you must keep your cell phone on your body.

Probiotics--use high quality probiotic supplements, naturally fermented foods, and probiotic enriched organic dairy products every day. One theory is that the EMF radiation negatively affects gut flora, severely inhibiting the growth of the positive bacteria your body thrives on, so we all need to get more healthy bacteria in our body to overcome these negative frequencies we are exposed to.

Avoidance--keep your cell phone away from your body if at all possible. I cannot emphasize this enough. Even with a protected cell phone, it is better NOT have it on your body.

Eye Glasses--this might seem strange, but I have noticed a definite difference with my eyes being affected while working at the computer while wearing my eye glasses vs not. The glasses seem to be more protective of my eyes in the radiation force field.

Stay Super-Hydrated--use the GIA I-water system for internal radiation protection through super-liquid water. See my Hydration article series here.

Eat Frequent Small Meals--while working on the computer for long periods of time. One theory of the nausea is that cells tighten up in response to the negative frequency of the electromagnetic field. This causes blood sugar to go down and the nausea to rise. Eating frequently can help to keep that sick feeling at bay.

Keep Detoxing--Another theory is that device radiation frequency is interacting with the toxins in our body, causing negative symptoms. I use the AMD IonCleanse Footbath, periodic Blessed Herbs cleanses, cellular Cleanse by GIA Wellness, and fiber supplements like Manna-Cleanse by Mannatech. The more I have detoxed my body over years, the more I have improved with the EMF Radiation exposure sensitivity.

Avoid Before Sleep--commit to down time before sleep. The frequency coming off devices interferes with normal sleep/wake brain wave patterns, lighting up your brain and keeping you awake.

Use Super Nutrition--high power super-nutrition like Zeal will strengthen your cells to withstand the pressure and stress of the radiation exposure. I keep other high-quality drinkable nutrients on hand for mixing Super-Nutrition Cocktails. These include Thrive by GIA Wellness, Xango, Ningxia Red and Nitro by Young Living, and Beyond Tangy Tangerine by Youngevity.

Moisturize Skin--use skin creams on your face frequently during heavy device use. This will help protect your skin cells from device dehydration and associated aging. One go to is Dilo Cream by Wakaya Perfection. Dilo is an oil used by native Figi women for protection of their skin in the tropics. I Keep hands moisturized, too, after texting or typing on the computer.

Push it back--keep your laptop, Ipad, or computer monitor as far aw

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