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Emergency Help for Bladder Care

Following is the Bladder Care Protocol Chellaberry developed for herself over three long years of dealing with severe bladder problems. These recommendations are natural, safe, and are particularly important for women and girls!  This is a very practical article; however, Chellaberry would suggest that all dis-ease of the body is related to stress and trauma that has been stored up in tissues, organs, muscles and is weighing these areas down. See Energy Balancing Info here; the article Bladder Issues and Me here; and New Frontiers in Natural Bladdercare here.

Why Women and Girls Are More Prone to Bladder Irritiation

Girl Anatomy--Residual bacteria from a bowel movement migrates to the urethra and moves upward into the bladder because of the closed in nature of our Girl Parts.

Yeast Infections--Candida migrate from the vaginal area to the urethra and upward into the bladder, irritating and causing infections.

Lack of Habitual Hygiene--extreme cleanliness can prevent bladder problems from gaining a foothold.

Excess Sugar--Extra sugar can be dumped into the Kidneys, then the bladder, feeding any bacteria, yeast, parasites, and fungi that have migrated into the bladder.

Underlying Blood Sugar Problems--An overload of sugar in the blood from pre-diabetes or diabetes conditions can feed bacteria in organs like the bladder or lungs. 

Hormonal Imbalance--Too much systemic Progesterone, in particular, usually from added Progesterone creams and medications, even natural Progesterone remedies, can cause inflammation in the lining of the bladder. If you are on Progesterone or Bio-Identical Hormones that are made for you in a compounding pharmacy and are experiencing bladder issues, go back to your practitioner and have them double check the prescription. This may be the underlying cause of your irritated bladder. See Chellaberry's personal story here.

Dehydration--The bladder MUST be continually rinsed out by water and other clear liquids. With proper hydration, pee should be light yellow and clear of debris.

Low Level Overall Nutrition--ALL the cells of your body must be continually bathing in a high level of Super Nutrition to function optimally and have the ability to repair your body internally. This includes the specific tissue cells of your bladder.

Low Levels of Redox Signaling Molecules--Redox Signaling is the means by which the body communicates to repair and replace damaged cells. This signaling must be at a higher level to help the bladder. Read more about Redox Signaling Supplements here.

Childbirth--Birthing babies can injure the Urethra, especially if you end up straining considerably while pushing the baby out. The urethra is in the path of the baby's head, which causes an extreme stretching of the entire area. The muscle at the opening of the urethra can become damaged, especially with multiple pregnancies, opening up farther than normal and causing inflamation. Bacteria to have an easier time getting up into the urethra and bladder.

Sexual Intercourse--require cleanliness before sex, and make sure to get up and squirt yourself off afterwards to avoid bacteria getting up into the urethra and bladder. 

Menopause--Women who have reached menopause by natural means OR by surgical menopause, may end up with thinning skin in the vagina and around the entire pubis, including the urethra and bladder, from low levels of Estrogen and hormones in general. One solution is to supplement with a homeopathic, topical gel form of Human Growth Hormone. This product, called Somaderm, can help thinning skin become stronger again. See information about Somaderm HGH Gel here.

Emotional Issues--What we experience as emotions are actually different combinations of molecules called neuropeptides. The body deals with positive emotion neuropeptides very easily, emotions like love, joy, fun, happiness, and these cause no problems. However, when negative emotion is experienced, the body often does not know how to process these onslaughts of negative neuropeptide molecules, often storing them in muscles, organs, and glands of the body.  These are the stresses of life that literally weigh our body down; and yes, they get stuck in bladder and urethra tissues. Energy Balancing with Applied Kinesiology/Body Talk is a way of releasing these negative emotion molecules out of the tissues.  See Energy Balancing here.

Personal Hygiene Habits for a Healthy Bladder

Be A Clean Freak-Clean yourself thoroughly after both a bowel movement. Use toilet paper and finish with non-chemical organic baby wipes. Migrating bacteria from bowel movements is the way most bladder infections get started.

Squirt Bottle--Keep a squirt bottle, such as an empty dish soap bottle with a squirt top next to the toilet and thoroughly rinse yourself EVERY TIME you pee or have a bowel movement.  Chellaberry uses anti-bacterial GIA I-Water in the Squirt bottle for an even higher level of cleanliness. 

ASEA Liquid-Keep ASEA Liquid in a small squire bottle or spray bottle. After rinsing with water or I-water, squirt yourself with 2-3 sprays of ASEA Liquid.

Toilet Paper--Avoid grinding toilet paper into your front Girl Parts to dry. This habit can injure your urethra over years. You do not have to be completely dry down there. Just pat yourself to get the drips off. There is the possibility of allergy to the chemicals used to make toilet paper.

Underwear--Change your underwear every day. Underwear harbors bacteria, and one 24 hour period is about the limit for bacteria accumulation and underwear.

Showers Only-Avoid taking baths. No matter how clean you think you got your bathtub, it still harbors bacteria. If you got it SO clean that there is absolutely NO bacteria, you most likely used a chemical with residue that could get up into your bladder through your urethra.

Daily Showers--Take a shower daily and rinse your back and front GPts carefully.

No Soap--Do not use soap on your GPts. Rinsing carefully is fine. You do not want to get soap particles migrating up your urethra and irritating. If you MUST use soap, make sure it is completely natural and chemical free.

Warm Water Only--Be careful with hot showers and hot tubs not to scald the delicate tissue of your GPts. If you are taking a hot shower, tone it down to warm when rinsing your GPts.

Front Line Bladder Supplement Protocol

Do not wait until you have a full blown bladder issue to start this supplement protocol.  Pay attention and start at the first twinges in the bladder or urethra. If you are new to this protocol, use every supplement ALL at once. This is a layering approach for great results. When your bladder issues are under control, you may eventually ONLY need the Pumpkin Seed Oil or Cream of Tarter to stop a bladder infection in it's tracks.

ASEA Liquid--Increase consumption of ASEA Liquid to 8oz a day, and even up to 16oz a day or more. This can kick-start your system into healing an area and booting out unwanted bacteria and viruses.

ASEA Renu 28 Gel--Gently dry area and apply this soothing miracle Gel. ASEA Renu 28 Gel signals the body to come heal an area.

Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil--1 Tablespoonful two to three times a day. Austrian Pumpkins Seed Oil is a Miracle for the Bladder. A few Tablespoons a day is all it may take to help your bladder heal. It is recommended to stay on Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil going on. Order Austrian pumpkin Seed Oil from North American Herb and Spice here.

Cream of Tarter--1 tsp two to three times a day. Cream of Tartar is a by-product of wine making, and is the old time doctor's cure for bladder infections. By 'old time doctor' I mean going back to at least the beginning of the 1900's. Cream of Tartar does not taste too bad. Take the power on a smaller teaspoon and dump it on the tongue. Then be ready to take several swallows of water or other liquid to get it down. Alternatively, mix Cream of Tarter in water or other liquid.

Marshmallow Root--2 capsules two to three times a day. This gem came out of the Better Bladder Book by Wendy Cohan. Wendy is the first one who made trying Marshmallow Root for Interstitial Cystitis and other bladder issues popular. It works. Order Marshmallow Root from Chellaberry here.

Uva Ursi--2 capsules two to three times a day. Chellaberry had tried Uva Ursi in the traditional tea form first. It tasted bad, so she did not use it regularly enough to see a difference. In the Better Bladder Book, Wendy Cohan suggests using Uva Ursi capsules, so the decision was made to give it a try WITH the Marshmallow Root and Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. Especially with severe or chronic bladder issues, the entire protocol will work better than trying one product at a time.

Burning Urethra--If your urethra tissue becomes inflamed, pat the area dry and use a blueberry size amount of Renu 28, Redox Signaling Molecules in Gel form. This is the only product Chellaberry has found that truly soothes the urethra from the outside in. Read about Renu 28 here. Use ASEA Liquid internally on an ongoing basis.

Hydration for a Healthy Bladder

Hydration--Healing can ONLY take place in a well-hydrated body. Period. Your bladder cannot improve without being washed out by copious amounts of clear liquids. This is a common sense approach. Really watch and up water and clear liquid intake! See my article series on Hydration here.

Be Aware--certain clear liquids can irritate. Regular black tea, even watered down, can cause the bladder to flare. Coffee is very acidic and can irritate the bladder. Even products that normally would have no bodily response can be a problem when bladder tissue is inflamed.

Avoid If At All Possible

Antibiotics--Do an internet search on the dangers of antibiotic use. Realize that if you keep going to antibiotics to help your bladder issues, you will be first in line for the problems associated including: yeast infections, staph and MRSA, future antibiotic resistance, just to name a few. You are in charge of your own body. There are alternative choices.

Refined Sugar--Sugar feeds the bacteria that harbor in the bladder; starving the bacteria helps. See below.

Diet Changes to Help Bladder Issues

No Sugar--Sugar feeds the 'bad' guys like bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites. Use Stevia or the Trim Healthy Mama sweeteners. I recommend the Trim Healthy Mama plan and cookbook, which is devoted to amazing recipes that are low to no sugar.

Low Refined Carbs--Carbs turn to sugar in your body. Again, the idea is to starve out the harmful invaders.

Eat Mainly--Until you are over the infection, eat mainly vegetables, eggs, and clean meat. Small amounts of organic cheese, kefir, and yogurt are helpful. I would mix 2/3 plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia with 1/3 regular fruit yogurt (some sugar there) to make the plain yogurt more palatable.

Avoid--fruit, potatoes, bread, white potatoes, oatmeal, all refined grains--again, they turn to sugar in your bady. If you must have something, have a few small slices of apple or one good bite of potatoes. One or two squares of dark, stevia sweetened chocolate is fine.

Other Products That May Strengthen the Bladder

Uristat, AVO, or Pyridium--Over the Counter names for Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, which relieves urinary symptoms such as pain, burning, or the frequent urge to urinate by soothing the mucous membrane lining of the bladder and urethra. It has a pain relieving effect, only to the bladder and urethra. These little orange pills turn your pee bright orange, but they can save you from experiencing the extreme bladder pain and frequent urge to pee that accompanies bladder problems until your bladder heals. Chellaberry researched these little pills and found them to be harmless. You will never want to be without them, yet cannot wait for the day you do not need them. Thank God for AVO!

Uribiotic--A broad spectrum HERBAL antibiotic supplement developed by Andrew Mierzejewski, a bio-energy practitioner and registered holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience with helping bladder problems. Chellaberry took Uribiotic for about a year. It really helped to bring down the level of bladder irritation and infection. Over time, however, the bladder seemed to get used to the Uribiotic and slowly it lost it's effectiveness. This meant more and more Uribiotic capsules had to be taken in a day to get the same effect. Still, it was a God-send at the time and it is highly recommend having it on hand if you are prone to bladder infections.

Native Remedies Bladderwell and UtiClear--Bladderwell is a homeopathic remedy that really helps to relieve  symptoms. Chellaberry also used the herbal remedy UtiClear. Bladderwell and UtiClear did not completely heal the underlying continual problem, but they made life much easier to bear.

Standard Process Supplements--High quality, time tested natural formulas with whole food ingredients that are targeted to affect each person's unique needs for specific nutrition. Chellaberry used several different Standard Process formulas during the entire time this bladder problem was a plague, especially during the first year. From this and prior experience, Chellaberry believes that Standard Process supplements work on an underlying cellular level. You do not always feel the products working quickly. Because of this, your belief level can go down and you can want to quit. However, having had a previous positive experience with Standard Process worked in my favor to keep her on these products for that entire first year. These products helped to lay a foundation for healing in my bladder. You must be under a Natural Wellness Professional's care to obtain these supplements. 

Monolaurin--Derived from Coconut Oil, Monolaurin has an effect on bacteria, yeast, viruses, and other unhealthy invaders. Chellaberry took Monolaurin faithfully for months.

Biofibrin--A blend of 5 proteolytic Enzymes from Inspired Nutrition, Biofibrin helps disolve 'bad' protein fibers. I used it to help disolve bio-film, a sheath-like substance that bacteria create to help them hide and proliferate in the body. This product made sense to me as far as reducing the inflamation and bacterial load in my bladder.

Common Bladder Remedies that did NOT Work Well

Young Living Ningxia Red--Chellaberry tried this high quality Gogi Berry juice for a few months for both energy production and for improving pain in the bladder. Ningxia Red is delicious and an interesting product; however, no observable change was found in the bladder inflamation, and only a slight bump in energy levels.

Essential Oils--Chellaberry tried a few Young Living essential oils. I did not see any change. To be fair, Young Living produces over 200 essential oils, and at the time Chellaberry had little knowledge of what oils would possibly work and how to use them. 

Apple Cider Vinegar--this remedy did not work; neither did Baking Soda; neither did both together.

Cranberry Tables--Cranberry had no response; no change. In fact, it often felt like the tablets flared up the bladder, making the pain worse. Discouraging at the time.

Uti-Slip D-Mannose-- a powder that possibly helps eliminate E-coli in the bladder. Seeming like a hopeful miracle cure, there was no change when tried repeatedly.

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